NewsLetter – Spring 2018

It is with an happy and excited heart that I’m sharing my first Resonantia‘s newsletter with all of you. 

The young, happily moving and nourishing river of my work is streaming to meet you and give water to everybody wishing to drink from it. I’m looking forward to walk together, wishing to share the unlimited resourses of Family Constellation Work and its integration with Art Therapy, Open Source Forms and the Spiritual Healing Practice. This work has been guiding me so powerfully through a process of deep “knowing”, of aknowleding life and profound healing that it has became my porpuse to share it……it wants to be shared, it wants to support life.

We have been journeying within, a long winter, where our awareness has been resting in the dark and feeding our inner life, exploring, processing, letting go, to make space for the coming manifestation of our just conceived, still fragile and precious dreams. Spring is on her way and life is coming to life. Our excited hearts are waking up, gently touching life again, letting the light in. It is a fragile time, where wildness and delicacy are sharing the moment, where we are danced between the desire to feel the sun on our skin and the desire to still return inside and let it be sheltered in the softness of the night. Our lives begin to stream again, a new journey, a new possibility for our souls to participate to the creativity and passion of the process of being alive. Be passionate, be gentle, be wild and have your shelter with you and allow your dreams to guide you bravely into the new adventure. Aho!

Welcome to the Spring in the fabulous world of Resonantia.

– MeditationOur intimate sacred space and the encounter with other spaces.

– Knowledge: The inner family.

– The Spring: Upcoming events.

  • Meditation: Our intimate sacred space and the encounter with other spaces

Are we aware of what is happening to our “space” when we are alone……..and when it meets other “spaces”?

How do we remain open in the meeting, in order to participate to the movement of life?

Our heart creates an energetic filed inside and around us, our personal intimate sacred space. It is through this space that we meet and experience the world, it is through this space that we acknowledge life, that we gather information, that we meet each other. Everything is in constant motion, and in order for us to be able to consciously navigate changes and transform with them, we need to remain in a state of listening and witnessing through the heart.

It is not by shutting closed, the door of our heart that we can be safe, it is through choosing to participate to the natural flow of life that we can be in charge of our inner movement and its dance with the whole.

As we consent to our space to consciously meet other spaces, life becomes a cocreation and an empowering journey. When we give permission to ourselves to listen and witness our encounters through the heart, we gift ourselves with the power of choice, enabling us to choose what to do with the given, received information, enabling us to feel if the encounter with other space is a debilitating one, from which we wish to protect ourselves or an empowering one, with which we wish to merge and entrain.


The night becomes the day, and our whole self is waking up into new life after the inner process of sleeping.

Where ever we are, maybe still laying on bed, maybe sitting or perhaps standing outside, being on our feet……..where ever we are, we might close our eyes, and as our perceptions arrive into ourselves, we can bring our awareness to the gentle movement of the breath.

Listening and witnessing ourselves…………listening to the movement of the breath, noticing the expansion of the in-breath, as the inner space of our shoulders and chest opens to receive the breath………..noticing the softening and the letting go of the out-breath, as we surrender into it.

Listening and witnessing ourselves……..and as we allow the movement just to happen on its own, our awareness can travel to the infinite support of Mother Earth, listening to our feet receiving and being received, the whole foot softening into the support, the whole foot, our toes, our soles, the heels, even perhaps the spaces between the toes, softening into the support of Mother Earth………or perhaps the entire back, our shoulders, neck, back of the head, even perhaps the spaces between one vertebrae and the next, receiving and being received, softening into the support……….the whole self, softening into the support of Mother Earth.

Listening and witnessing ourselves……..and as we trust the support, our awareness might travel deep inside, to our heart, as the breath still moves on its own.

Our awareness moving deep inside, into our heart space, listening and witnessing the opening of our heart space.

With the movement of our breath, all the tissues surrounding the heart can begin to soften, soften and open, reveling its presence……..softening and opening, revealing its presence.

Witnessing and listening to our heart space………listening to whatever is filling our heart space…….listening to its needs and its treasures……..listening and witnessing………..and with each breath our heart energy begins to flow, freely, gently, along the shoulders, the chest, along the arms, our hands, fingers and beyond, into the creation of an intimate sacred space, our personal space………with each breath, flowing through and into the creation of our personal intimate sacred space. A space inside and around us, our personal intimate sacred space………..a space that moves with us as we move and breath with us as we breath……

Listening and witnessing our personal intimate sacred space, moving with us as we move, breathing with us as we breath……..and as we walk the streets of our life, today, we can feel how open and how expanded it wishes to be. Today as we move through life, we might listen and witness our personal intimate sacred space, moving, breathing, transforming……..and as our space meets other spaces, we can listen and witness to the encounter, listening and witnessing to the spaces we create together…….listening and witnessing to the movement that is happening when our space meets other spaces………feeling how open and expanded it wishes to be.

And our awareness might travel once again to our breath, listening to its movement………expanding and letting go……..and as we are ready we can open our eyes and welcome the new day.

Have a beautiful journey…….aho!

  • The Inner Family Archetype 

Every one of us has four internal life forces that are interacting with each other and influencing our way to be with ourselves and with the world. These forces can be in a harmonious or disharmonious relation-ship with one another, causing us to feel connected with our deepest and true Self or to feel overwhelmed from their constant inner dialogue.

These four forces are manifesting in everything in nature, inside and around us, manifesting in spirit as well as in matter, they are the four energies from which the entire universe is made of. We use many archetypes to facilitate our experience and perception of them, the wind directions, North, South, East and West, or the elements, fire, air, water and earth or the bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual………

These four internal forces are also forming our Inner Family with its four inner members: the father, the mother, the boychild and the girlchild.

Our family members have valuable qualities and an important role in our internal life and their function, and their dynamics are important for our own growth, self-knowledge and self-esteem.

Deep in our core, at the center, leaves the Self, our purest energy, a place of universal knowing, of presence and acceptance. When, by showing respect to all the members of the family we are able to reach our core and be in the state of Self, we are given permission to engage with these four inner forces and come into a not judgmental dialogue with them, entering a process of recognition and healing. Harmony is restored and every member of our inner family can find his balanced role back embodying their natural skills and finding nurturing in their inert-communication.

Each archetypical energy has a balanced and unbalanced state, a loving and unloving state. Through their loving state, each member supports us and enable a fluid communication and co-creation within ourselves and with the outside world. Through their unloving state their block our self-expression and sabotage our self-esteem.

The four inner energies

The father: The Inner Loving Father supports us in drawing our boundaries and he teaches us the importance of discipline. He gifts us with protection and direction to life. Our Loving Father teaches us to be honest in our interactions with others and to be true and reliable to our word. He has the qualities of fairness, empathy, organization, he helps us to be firm and he represents the law of cause and effect. He gives conditional love, teaching us autonomy, to be responsible for ourselves, and the ability to don’t take things personal. Conditional love.

The Inner Unloving Father is our inner critic, that voice that criticizes every move we, or others make. He is the dominant tyrant who controls by condemning. He is rigid, intimidating, ruthless, shaming, cynical and inconsistent.

The mother: The Inner Loving Mother gifts us with warmth and nurturance to encourage us on our life journey. She draws out the best in us and helps us to succeed by teaching, guiding, explaining and by giving us unconditional love. She provides the intimacy that exists between a mother and her child and she teaches us to be intimate with others. She is the source of unconditional love that heals every wound. She provides the home and the heart.

The Inner Unloving Mother make us to experience an abandoning and aloof energy towards ourselves as well towards others. She embodied the energy, the mechanism of spoiling and indulging, encouraging you and the people around you into addictions and dependency, like food, sex, drugs, money and shopping—to fill the inner void that comes from the lack of true Loving Mother nurturance within.

The boychild: The Inner Loving Boychild is the embodiment of adventure and action. When our Boychild is loving, he is our inner warrior, fighting courageously and fearless for righteous causes. He guides us into excel (having success) in life, into the accomplishment of great things and the fulfillment of our dreams with vivacity and enthusiasm. He inspires others to follow him into life missions and he is intrigued from science. He needs to accomplish and do better. He makes things happen. He is the saver of humanity.

The Inner Unloved Boychild is an egotistical rebel who is reckless, angry, aggressive and over-competitive. He wants to dominate and in order to get what he wants we will disrespects authority and will deceive, lie, cheat, backbite and steal. He sees life as a game without care for other life, doesn’t matter who get hurt, he blindly pursues his goals.

The girlchild: The Inner Loving Girlchild is pure innocence, she is gentle, caring and forgiving, bringing inspiration, mystery and creativity into our life. She is the artist and at the same time the source of our creative power, she is the complexity and the multidimensionality of life, and mystery. She embodies the concepts of beauty, sweetness, forgiveness, gentleness, innocence. She shows us how to sensitively engage, to listen with our inner voice, how to be sensitive, intuitive, compassionate and harmless and how to connect with the essence of life.

The Unloved Inner Girlchild is the wounded child that experience herself as a victim and who cannot make peace with her traumas and is paralyzed by fear. She loses herself in self-pity, discouragement and resentment. A drama queen, she is manipulative, seducing others into rescuing her.

Traumas and injuries and our effort to try to buried them deep inside, to avoid the pain and the frustration attached to them, disrupt the natural balance of our inner family, forcing each member out of their precious role and into an unloving and disorienting one, making us unable to be in state of Self. The unloving state is not static and could be transformed through awareness and acceptance when we approach our inner family members with respect and gratitude. With gratitude, because this new role that our family member has taken has the task to protect us from reexperiencing the pain caused from the trauma, that life events might trigger again. They protect us in order to make us still able to function and feel safe. The process of connecting with our unloving family members, is a process of engaging with them from a place of curiosity and respect, wanting to learn from them what they are protecting us from, and show them that we don’t need them to hold on into this unloving state. The moment our inner member learns to trust and move into his or her loving state, we are able to allow our inner Self to confront our pain and to lead our life with awareness and spaciousness. The four members of our inner family become our life companions, our allies, each one of them inspiring, teaching and supporting us in his or her unique way. When we learn to know each member of our inner family, we know which one to call for support in any given situation or in any relation.

As in every family, love brings harmony and love transforms what is in our way.

  • Upcoming events


   Thursday 8 March 2018

   Location: Buitengewoonbijbabet – Deventer (

   For further info…….

– THE INNER FAMILY – A Family Constellation, OSF and Spiritual Healing Practice Laboratory

   Saturday 31 March 2018 from 14.00 to 17.00

   Saturday 14 April 2018 from 14.00 to 17.00

   Saturday 28 April 2018 from 14.00 to 17.00

   Location: Buitengewoonbijbabet – Deventer (

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  Saturday 21 April 2018 om 12.30

  Locatie: Cleantech Tomorrow – Vliegveld Teuge



   Saturday 17 March 2018

   Location: Buitengewoonbijbabet – Deventer (

   For further info……..

Have a beautiful, inspiring, creative spring……