Bach Flower Remedy System

More than fifty years ago, a doctor and researcher, Dr. Edward Bach developed his new form of “flower remedy system”, which focused on the mental and emotional factors as causes of illness.

What happens to the physical body is a manifestation of our mental, spiritual and emotional inner movement. The human body is a temple for the spirit.

The Bach flower remedy system attempts to treat the patient’s soul. Bach believed physical illnesses to be a result of an instability on an emotional level, as a conflict between the “personality” and the “higher self”. The real purpose of the remedies, he had found, was to ‘bring us nearer to the Divinity within’. It is the ‘Divinity within which heals us’.

If plants help to heal, it is because they too are linked to this spiritual dimension. They are an expression of divine forces at work in nature, part of a sacred world. When we connect with a plant, it is the property of some subtle energy within the plant, a kind of plant spirit or consciousness, we connect with. And it is from this spiritual dimension that healing comes.

The thirty-eight Bach flowers encompass all of the important quality of the human psyche. The millions of permutations and combinations of the 38 remedies make it possible to deal with every unique and constantly in transformation personality. The remedies gently restore our emotional balance, re-harmonizing negative emotions by stimulating the opposite virtues.

They can safely be combined with other homeopathic or conventional treatments.